24h 2011 – Good Luck

Jun.22, 2011

Hello Guys,

as most of you already know, I can not participate this year in the 24h of the Nordschleife for medical reasons. I am positive, that one day I will be able to drive again a car on the road and than we see what will happen!

For the moment I have to liv with my 5 wins at the 24h of the Nordschleife. …what could be worse 😉


I would like to thank the  team Manthey, I won 4 in row and Phoenix, I won the first one with.

I am sure Manthey Racing and my “old” teammates have experience enough and they don’t need my help….

…ok, maybe they do a bit…;-)

But I do wish the same for “my” other team called Phoenix Racing, which are doing a fantastic job at the moment in DTM and GT Racing as some of you know.


So my friends, till than I have to liv with my 5 24h wins in total.

I wish ALL of you good luck and hopefully a race without any incidents on the track!!

See you soon…


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  1. Sarah

    Lieber Marcel,
    auch wenn Du gerade leider nicht mit deinem Team von Mantey auf dem Ring in Richtung Podium fährst bin ich mir sicher, dass viele an dich denken! Weiterhin gute Genesung!!!

  2. tr3m0

    Hi from France Marcel,

    No more news from you, I decided to register here just to wish you to fully recover… I know it’s going to be hard and long way but you have to fight!


  3. Marcel

    Hello Fred,

    Not much news at the moment. I try to make my therapies regular to get my Vision back to my right Hemisphare and working on my other Problems to get completly back as before. So thanks for your message and I will write an update in the near future….
    Yes it is hard but I still try to have a bit of fun 😉
    Take care

  4. Marcel

    Danke Dir Sarah,
    Ich habe mich sehr gefreut für das Manthey den Fahrern und dem gesamten Team Manthey!! 😉

  5. TimR

    Hi Marcel,

    Just thinking about you this morning, not had an update for a couple of months, how are things going ?

    I’ve been enjoying some slower racing in an old Porsche, had a very wet race at Spa, had no idea where I was in the standings, then after the race got grabbed by a steward for a visit to the podium !!!!!! Quite a big experience for an old boy !

    Keep working on getting well,

    Very Best Wishes,


  6. Marcel

    Hello Tim,
    Congratulations, well done and yes its always cool to be on the podium. 😉
    I am getting slowly better. The only thing that takes extremly long time and maybe never complete comes back is my vision to the right. So for that I have to be even be more pertained. But I do believe it will come back at least as much as I need for driving again.
    So I keep on working… 😉
    Take care,


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