Oct.03, 2011 • Category Racing

Hello Everybody,
sorry I was gone for so long but at the moment I am still really busy with my rehabilitation as you will understand.
Agin like sometimes before, I can not run anymore because I alway get pain after running in my left hip. That is really annoying for me because I was runnin 3-4 times a week for 45mim to 1h.
My Neurological problems making very slowly progress and my vision to the right hemisphere is improving as well. At least what the therapist is telling me. Me personal I still don’t feel any improvement. So I have to continue to be patient and fight!
So overall I have to say I am pretty good comparing it where I have been 16 month ago and nearly dead!
I will continue to make progress and give you an update from time to time….

Thanks for all your support guys!!!

Take care



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