VLN 2 Friday/ What a day…

Apr.17, 2009

…a rainy cold day.

With 7 degree celsius, we had a hard time to get our tires to work. The Grip level was below drivable. Every time you tried to push out of the corners the Traction control (TC) started to work and even on the straight in 5th gear it always kicked in. On a Grand Prix track its better. First, you don’t have different asphalts and a track that has a lot of bumps, jumps etc. and second the safety is much higher. Even if you push to the limit and spin you mostly end up in a run off area or a grabble bed. On the Nordschleife that means barrier or wall! No good.

This kind of weather conditions you usually don’t find anywhere else than on our Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Tomorrow I hope that at least the temperature is higher, so I can get more feedback from the tires. The weather, lets see.

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