VLN 5 – Retired

Jul.07, 2009


not much to say this time.

Arno started the race and after a view laps the gearbox broke. It was the same we used since the 24h and after this race it would have been rebuild. The only good thing is, that we know how long we can drive with the same one.

Ohh, what really impressed me was the Qualifying time from the Ford!!! Looks like we should get back our old Air-restrictor…Or what do you guys think? ;-))

Of course its a joke. For my understanding the Laptimes were supposed to be slower than last year and I think thats also the right way to go.

Lets see what happens in the 6h race. Probably I will drive as well the Wochenspiegel car. Its something I am looking forward too because the car should be really nice to drive and maybe we can have some fun at the start…

till than,


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