“Taxi-driving” with my family

Jul.07, 2009

that was fun!

Last race I had the chance to take my girlfriend, sister and her husband around the Nordschleife.

My good did the screamed loud. 😉

I had so much fun to scare them and of course to show them a bit what my work is.

It always looks easier from the outside and if you sit next to a pilot, you finally see how much work it can be, driving a race car.

There are not many chances you have to be able to drive with a 5 times 24h winner on the Nordschleife except you book a ride with me on my website….. ;-).

have a nice day,


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  1. schlichte

    Hi Marcel,
    great… i can imagine what happens 🙂
    It was for me a great pleasure to “fly” with you
    over the Nordschleife @ Manthey Trackdays.

    So good Luck for the next Race and take care!



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