VLN 6 – Eifel weather…

Jul.23, 2009

The 6h race is our second most important race of the season and I am very happy with the outcome…..HATTRICK.

For the first time this year I was starting on two cars. My own and the Wochenspiegel car. So on Friday I just did two Laps on the Wochenspiegel to get familiar with it. Its more like a Cup S-Manthey. I could feel that a lot in the medium to fast corners because of the less downforce it was generating. But for that on the straight I gained some Km/h. It was interesting to see which car is performing better the RSR or that one.

Marc was qualifying the RSR and me the Cup S-Manthey. What a surprise, I was just in front of the RSR and qualified third while Marc qualified 4th. So I would guess the cars are very close to each other with different advantages.

I started the race so I could later join my own car for the third stint.

I directly moved to second position and even attacked the Ford. But I didn’t want to risk too much cause my teammates were not so lucky lately and I really wanted to give them the car back in perfect shape. Everything was cool and I could hold second position while it was changing from dry to rain and back and forth. I nearly lost it coming back to the GP track but lucky wise I could catch it. Now I was definitely awake 😉 .

When it started to rain all over the track I was calling the Pit and ask for a driver change and wet tires. Apparently it never happened because when I was in the left hand corner before Schwalbenschwanz I spun while downshifting without touching the wall. When I tried to start again I had no push forward and at this time I thought it is the Gearbox. We had problems with it the whole weekend. Later we found out that a driveshaft broke. So the race was over. I felt really bad for Georg and Michael because they couldn’t race again….

While I was busy with all that Arno handed over the car to Marc and we could take the lead by nearly 50 sec. When it was my turn, I continued to push and before Marc took over from me we had a comfortable gap from around 1,45min.

The conditions were exceptional hard because some parts of the track were extremely wet and some dry and the next lap it was again somewhere else. That’s the moments when you need your experiences and try to survive but at the same time try to open the gap even more.

I was very happy for the team that we could win this 6h race for the third time in a row under this difficult situations.

Now we have a long brake and I will use the time for some holidays and training.

You know: The older you get, the more you have to train yourself to be still quicker then the young guys…..

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