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May.09, 2010

  • @TomCoronel definately…..;-)) in reply to TomCoronel #
  • @TomCoronel good luck my friend…. in reply to TomCoronel #
  • …Audi seems to be not able to fix this problem. They had similiar problems last year. Maybe it's time to take this problem serious!! #
  • In my In Lap I couldn't shift down to 2nd anymore!! Had to stop the ignition and restart the car. Lost probably 15sec. #
  • Race 2 was amazing. I started on a dry set. Track was still half wet. I went from. P9 > P5 overall and leaded my class by more then 10 sec. #

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  1. timbecker

    Alles gute ….und gute Besserung Marcel !!!!


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