Marcel Tiemann after racing accident at Imola in an artificial coma.

May.26, 2010

Marcel has been transferred after the serious accident at the start run to the International GT Open on Sunday in Imola (Italy) in an artificial coma. Diagnosed in the clinic of Bologna are a skull-brain trauma, a fracture of cervical vertebra and broken ribs. “The doctors are planning, Marcel Tiemann in normal healing process after ten days from the artificial coma to wake again,” says Ernst Moser, CEO of Phoenix Racing team.

The 36-year-old Marcel Tiemann was after the rescue and first aid at the track brought to the hospital in Imola and later flown by helicopter to Bologna. The transport to the University Hospital Munich-Grosshadern on Monday had been canceled on account of the healing process. Family members and Phoenix team members take care of him in Bologna. “From many sides support and help has been offered, for all we are very thankful,” says Ernst Moser.

The accident occurred during the initial phase for the second race of the International GT Open, a European racing series for GT sports car. An Aston Martin went suddenly to the left, collided with the white-black Audi R8 LMS of Marcel, which then crashed against the wall on the left side and was thrown from there back into the field. The race was immediately stopped by the Red Flag. The emergency services were immediately on hand to Marcel Tiemann to rescue him from the cockpit.

Get Well Soon Marcel!
Wishing you a speedy recovery and all the best!

Christian (Friend and Admin)


Update – 27 May:
Meanwhile Marcel’s condition is stable. With a plane he will now be flown from Bologna to a Hospital in Munich.
Keep your fingers crossed.


Update – 1 June:
Marcel’s first day, after yesterdays difficult surgery, is without any problems.
Marcel remains in an artificial coma at the hospital Maggiore di Bologna.
The forecast for his recovery remains cautious, although the TAC (CT) today, gives reason for optimism.

The removal of the frontal bone of Marcel’s forehead, performed by Dr. Nicola Acciarri,
showed a immediate reduction of the intracranial pressure after the alarming increase of the swelling of his brain. The post-traumatic hematomas resorb very slowly, which is normal.

Unfortunately Marcel’s high blood pressure (which reaches 200) hinders his recovery.
However, if his condition remains stable, a full recovery is possible, even if it takes a long time.

Hope, you get well soon!
We are here for you!


Update – 2 June:
Manthey Racing about Marcel. (written in German)


Update – 3 June:
The latest TAC (CT) have no big changes, that is reassuring from a medical point of view.
Marcel remains in an artificial coma, when a gradual awakening may be initiated is currently not foreseeable.


Update – 8 June:
The last TAC (CT) scan shows a slow improvement in the bifrontal hemorrhage.
The prognosis is reserved, but the brain pressure shows a stable and acceptable level. The doctors work
on the surgical removal of the hematoma to prevent brain damage. The full recovery of Marcel will take
a long time. Marcel remains in an artificial coma.


Update – 11 June:
Marcel was awakened this morning but mute and without voluntary movement in the limbs.
The okay to transfer Marcel to Germany was given in the early afternoon so Marcel is in flight to Monaco of Bavaria where Dr. Kreft Kerekes will take care of him.


Update – 12 June:
Phoenix Racing News (written in German)


Update – 15 June:
Timo Bernhard, Marc Lieb and Romain Dumas were in thought with Marcel at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.
Marc Lieb had a sticker on his helmet – Get well soon Marcel. See picture in the gallery.


Update – 21 June:
Marcel was awakened from an artificial coma and his conditions are definitely encouraging!


Update – 24 June:
The GT Open community will gather again sharing a sense of relief, as latest news on Marcel´s
conditions are definitely encouraging. Marcel is now out of danger and recovering progressively in
the University Hospital of Munich-Grosshadern. Very understandably, Phoenix Racing will not race
in Spa-Francorchamps but everybody is wishing Marcel a full recovery and hoping to see the
German squad back in the tracks as soon as possible.


Update – 28 June:
The convalescence of Marcel make further good progress. On 17 June Marcel was moved from
the University Hospital of Grosshadern to the Rehab Hospital Bad Aibling (Bavaria).
The medical treatment will resume as planned.


Update – 8 July:
Olaf and Renate Manthey visit Marcel in Bad Aibling. (written in German)


Update – 14 July:
According to Racing Doctor Jürgen Lindemann, Marcel makes excellent progress. “The accident he can not remember, but otherwise does the memory”
said Lindemann. “He speeks, he can move, he is running around. His internal injuries have healed well.”


Update – 29 July:
Manthey Racing about Marcel. (written in German)


Update – 1 August:
Marcel’s recovery makes very good progress. He can move and speak normally, his memory returns. Whether Marcel will ever race is uncertain.

13 comments for this entry:
  1. JohanKoning

    Dear friend,
    Very abrupted with this bad news, i am with you in good and bad moments my friend.
    I am going to pray for you and i am sure that our Lord is going to be your doctor,
    see you soon Champ!! and complete recover.
    Johan Koning/AmigosRacingForLatinAmerica

  2. TimR

    From all the old guys in the Hippy Porsche, we wish you a speedy and full recovery. You are very much in our thoughts, we look forward to seeing you in the Eifels again soon !

  3. Dr. Jochen Herbst

    Lieber Marcel,

    ich weiss, dass sehr viele Menschen, die Du vielleicht kaum oder nur flüchtig kennst, für die Du aber stets ein sportliches Vorbild warst, in diesen schweren Tagen und Stunden viel an Dich denken und für Deine rasche und vollständige Genesung beten. Gott schütze Dich und steh’ Dir bei!

    Jochen Herbst
    -steam racing-

  4. Tobias Stein

    Hallo Marcel,

    …. ich weiß nicht was ich sagen soll. Zwar war bis jetzt noch kein VLN rennen, aber eins kann ich dir sicher sagen, du wirst uns fehlen bei den nächsten Rennen. Wir hoffen alle das du bald voll und ganz genesen wirst und uns mit deinem könnnen erfreuen wirst. (siehe erste Runde 24h 2010)

    Alles Gute nochmal vom Streckenabschnitt Schwalbenschwanz

    Gute Besserung

    Sportwart der Streckensicherung

  5. MaxMantheyFan

    Hi Marcel,

    ich wünsche dir volle und ganze Genesung.
    Du wirst uns bei den Vln-Läufe fehlen.

    (Mir fehlen die Worte.)



  6. Francis le Belge

    Courage Marcel,

    J’espère te revoir le plus vite possible en course. Soigne-toi bien. On est de tout coeur avec toi.

    Francis le Belge

  7. Justy

    Habe heute erst von dem Unfall erfahren und bin geschockt…und wie Max (s.o.) fehlen mir die Worte. Wünsche alles, alles Gute und eine baldige Genesung, drücke alle Daumen und schicke positive Gedanken.

    @Christian: Thank you for the updates!! Keep them coming, please! 🙂

  8. Sohappy Racing

    Dear Marcel,

    What an extreme heavy crash. We wish you’ll wake up soon and have a wonderful recovery. Our thoughts are with you.

    Wir hoffen du machst es bald wieder gut. Viel gluck.

    Sohappy Racing.

  9. Tobias Stein

    Hallo Marcel,

    bin immer noch entsetzt wenn ich den Unfall im I-net sehe. Mir fehlen einfach die Worte.

    Das einzigste was ich sagen kann ist gute Besserung du wirst uns fehlen.

    @Christian: Thanks for the updates. Please go on. Get well soon to Marcel. We believe in Him and for Him are there.


    Den Vorredner, vor allem Jochen herbst, können wir uns nur anschliessen. Get well soon Marcel!!!
    die rallyeracer

  11. simone

    hi Marcel!!!I’m glad that you always recovering. you don’t know me but I was your roommate in Bologna to “naggiore” in rianimation… My mother greets so your mother and your sisters they cried and hoped together….I greet you and good luck to all you and your wonderful family
    your neighbor of misfortune simone

  12. Francis le Belge

    Hello Marcel,

    Super content d’avoir de bonnes nouvelles de toi. Romain me tenait au courant de ta santé

  13. Francis le Belge

    Suite… Nous sommes tous très content que tu ailles mieux et que ta guérison se poursuive bien.
    Reviens vite nous voir sur les courses VLN, tu nous manques beaucoup…
    Francis le Belge

    PS : J’ai une belle collection de miniatures au 1/43 avec lesquelles tu as pilotés que je voudrais te montrer.


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