Marcel continues to recover well

Nov.02, 2010

After lengthy hospital stays and operations, many fans and colleagues were very pleased seeing Marcel walk the pit lane (at the last VLN race) again. The overwhelming response from fans and colleagues in recent months, has given Marcel strength for his recovery. Marcel was surprised and happy on the huge interest about him.

The accident itself, Marcel doesn’t remember. Only the videos from YouTube and other footage, helps Marcel to get a picture of what happened. In recent months his recovery has made great progress. As a consequence of the accident he still has no vision on his complete right hemisphere and memory and orientation problems. There is no question, he will not be back next season. … “I still have some vision tests, then maybe I put myself in a race car and see how I feel. Only then I will make up my mind. I think it takes about 1-3 years,” said Marcel.

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  1. TimR

    Marcel, even without racing, this is the most wonderful news ! You have achieved so much as a racing driver, if you race again or not, you are already a legend ! I thank you for always having time to speak with me, it’s been a great honour to share a pit box with you. Very best of luck for a full recovery.


  2. Francis le Belge

    Vraiment content de ton retour au Nurburgring ce samedi. Cela m’a fait plaisir de te revoir en forme.

    Francis le Belge


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