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The countdown starts

May.19, 2009 • Category 24h Nürburgring, Racing

My last 3 weeks were very busy. My girlfriend and me went to Cairo to see the pyramids, than a trip to Croatia for some business and now getting ready to go to the Nürburgring. The Home of Motorsport in Germany 😉 .

Cairo was very impressive, but I will tell you more another time. Here in Monaco everything and everybody gets crazy because of the F1 GP weekend. As much as I like it to be here to meet up with old friends and party, I rather prefer to go to the Nordschleife and try to kick a.. with my teammates 😉 . I am excited like the first time in 2003. Some races have this amazing charisma and the 24h of the Nordschleife is definitely one of them!!!

I will try to give you an update over the weekend. As well my good old friend and administrator Christian is there again with his friend and he will probably publish some pics etc. over the weekend. He came to every 24h race and cant’t get enough from it….like me!

So guys, get slowly into the racemode and enjoy what’s coming….


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