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Apr.18, 2010 • Category Twitter

  • …from P11 to P8. Drvchnge & I finished on P4. Under this circumstances it was a great start into the Season. 😉 #
  • P4 in our class.
    Racestart was crazy: evbdy on slick but still wet. Directly SC. Jim kept the car on the track and did a perfect job…. #
  • Q2: P1 in wet condition. 1.5 sec ahead of the second!!
    Felt like driving a Rallyecar. Massive under- and oversteer…. Was fun. ;-)) #
  • P11 for first race… #
  • Good Morning, Q1 in 4 min. It's full wet and still raining. Jim is driving. #
  • So far we had a good wknd. Consistent up front. Jim qualifies the car for race1 me for race2. He has to start R1 and me R2 then. Cross fngrs #
  • FP2: Jim started the session. We improved the car a bit and we should be good prepared for the race. At the end of FP2 I was 2nd in class #
  • 1FP: P.11 Overall and P.1 in GTS class.
    It's a lot of traffic out there and hard to get a free lap. 45 cars in total. #
  • Tomorrow starts a new championship for me. We have two free practise session. I keep you posted.
    Good Night… #
  • @schlichtegroll sieht gut aus, denke wir sind competitive… in reply to schlichtegroll #
  • VLN2 on Sport1:

    /08:45Uhr ,SPORT1 ,4h-Rennen (2. VLN-Lauf)
    /07:40Uhr ,SPORT1 ,4h-Rennen (2. VLN-Lauf) (Wiederholung) #

  • Here are the last results of the day. Matthew is us: #
  • Testday was great for us. One new set of Tieres and I was fastest at the end. Jim Matthew did a good job too. Very consistent and quick… #
  • Just drove the first laps in Valencia with the R8. It's still a bit damp but was fun to drive. ;-)))) #
  • Sitting in the plane to Valencia via Zurich.
    Looking forward to the first weekend in The intl. GT-Open with Phoenix Racing. #
  • @oneighturbo Thanks, lets hope for the 24h! ;-)) in reply to oneighturbo #
  • @TomCoronel Say hello to Peter and push guys! 😉 in reply to TomCoronel #
  • Next stop: Valencia 😉 #
  • Here is the link to the new int. GT Open website: #
  • @TomCoronel thanks man. How is it going for you…. in reply to TomCoronel #
  • Sitting with friends at the Döttinger Höhe petrol station and watching GT-Masters and LMES. ;-).
    Nice Sunday aftn. #

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Weekly Twitter Updates

Apr.11, 2010 • Category Twitter




Weekly Twitter Updates

Apr.04, 2010 • Category Twitter

  • @Niki__V Bin in der Mitte gefahren als im Kesselchen und dann Metzgersfeld Gelb war. Glaube 8.29.
    Du kannst die Zeiten auf sehen in reply to Niki__V #
  • Now official: My 2010 Season – 18 races in 2 Championships and the 24h of the Nordschleife.
    For more info go here: #
  • cool video from the VLN1 #
  • Here you find an Interview the guys from the vln-fanpage did after the race. #
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My 2010 Season – 18 races in 2 Championships and the 24h of the Nordschleife

Apr.01, 2010 • Category 24h Nürburgring, Intl. GT-Open, Racing, VLN


now it is official!

I will participate in 2 full Championships and in the 24h of the Nordschleife.

As in the past years, I will continue driving in the  VLN Championship and the 24h of the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

My partners will be the same as usual: Porsche and Manthey Racing of course…;-)

Never change a winning Team!

My second and new engagement this year will be in the International GT Open Championship. I will race with Phoenix Racing and share  an Audi R8-LMS  with Jim Matthew.

In the past years, I already raced with Jim in the Grand Am Series on an Daytona Prototype.

I am very happy to race with these two Teams. They both mean a lot to me. With Phoenix Racing I won my first 24h race at the Nordschleife in 2003 and with Manthey Racing I have achieved winning 4 more in the past years. Not to forget that most of my 18 VLN wins were with Manthey Racing.

Both teams are based at the Nürburgring what makes it much easier for me.

The Intl. GT Open Championship is a great series that goes to some of the best tracks in Europe. You should really have a look at it.

I am really looking forward to this busy Season and I am sure it will be a very challenging one!

…but thats what my Job is all about and I love it! ;-))

See you guys at the track…


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