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Apr.18, 2010

  • …from P11 to P8. Drvchnge & I finished on P4. Under this circumstances it was a great start into the Season. 😉 #
  • P4 in our class.
    Racestart was crazy: evbdy on slick but still wet. Directly SC. Jim kept the car on the track and did a perfect job…. #
  • Q2: P1 in wet condition. 1.5 sec ahead of the second!!
    Felt like driving a Rallyecar. Massive under- and oversteer…. Was fun. ;-)) #
  • P11 for first race… #
  • Good Morning, Q1 in 4 min. It's full wet and still raining. Jim is driving. #
  • So far we had a good wknd. Consistent up front. Jim qualifies the car for race1 me for race2. He has to start R1 and me R2 then. Cross fngrs #
  • FP2: Jim started the session. We improved the car a bit and we should be good prepared for the race. At the end of FP2 I was 2nd in class #
  • 1FP: P.11 Overall and P.1 in GTS class.
    It's a lot of traffic out there and hard to get a free lap. 45 cars in total. #
  • Tomorrow starts a new championship for me. We have two free practise session. I keep you posted.
    Good Night… #
  • @schlichtegroll sieht gut aus, denke wir sind competitive… in reply to schlichtegroll #
  • VLN2 on Sport1:

    /08:45Uhr ,SPORT1 ,4h-Rennen (2. VLN-Lauf)
    /07:40Uhr ,SPORT1 ,4h-Rennen (2. VLN-Lauf) (Wiederholung) #

  • Here are the last results of the day. Matthew is us: #
  • Testday was great for us. One new set of Tieres and I was fastest at the end. Jim Matthew did a good job too. Very consistent and quick… #
  • Just drove the first laps in Valencia with the R8. It's still a bit damp but was fun to drive. ;-)))) #
  • Sitting in the plane to Valencia via Zurich.
    Looking forward to the first weekend in The intl. GT-Open with Phoenix Racing. #
  • @oneighturbo Thanks, lets hope for the 24h! ;-)) in reply to oneighturbo #
  • @TomCoronel Say hello to Peter and push guys! 😉 in reply to TomCoronel #
  • Next stop: Valencia 😉 #
  • Here is the link to the new int. GT Open website: #
  • @TomCoronel thanks man. How is it going for you…. in reply to TomCoronel #
  • Sitting with friends at the Döttinger Höhe petrol station and watching GT-Masters and LMES. ;-).
    Nice Sunday aftn. #

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