Oct.03, 2011

Hello Everybody,
sorry I was gone for so long but at the moment I am still really busy with my rehabilitation as you will understand.
Agin like sometimes before, I can not run anymore because I alway get pain after running in my left hip. That is really annoying for me because I was runnin 3-4 times a week for 45mim to 1h.
My Neurological problems making very slowly progress and my vision to the right hemisphere is improving as well. At least what the therapist is telling me. Me personal I still don’t feel any improvement. So I have to continue to be patient and fight!
So overall I have to say I am pretty good comparing it where I have been 16 month ago and nearly dead!
I will continue to make progress and give you an update from time to time….

Thanks for all your support guys!!!

Take care

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  1. MarcM

    Hi Marcel,

    sounds not to bad 🙂 Don’t loose your patience. I know what I’m talking about as a bike accident kicked me also into another world.

    So take care and I’m sure we will see you one day again in a car 🙂



  2. Marcel

    Hi marc, thanks for for your message.
    I am usually not the person who gives up easy. So I rather continue fighting as long as it’s realistic!
    And for the moment it is all realistic!
    Best for you,

  3. Julia

    Hi,Marcel! Very much I wish that you completely restored, has recovered and has continued to be engaged your favourite job-racing.
    The most terrible that can occur to the person it’s loss possibility to be engaged in that you always did. As though you are formally alive, but life has completely turned over…
    I want to tell that you have a right position, when you perceive the difficult situation positively and aspire to recover. If something very much you want it already 50 percent of success. The most important – don’t lose belief in yourself and everything will be possible!!
    All the best,

  4. michele_merendino

    Dear Marcel,
    I’m an Italian GT driver, I knew your story since the day of your accident, I read some news on web and just today I came on your site to have some news more about you.
    Reading your blog I understood how difficult is for you this period and how hard can become life when something of dramatic happens like the crash you had.
    I’m very happy to know you are recovering day by day.
    Hoping to be able to help you with this story I want to tell you what happens to me three years ago.
    I had a very rare disease called Guillain Barrè Syndrome, it is a neurologic disease probably caused by a virus. Becouse this syndrome, I was in Intesive-care unit for 1 month able to breath only with a mechanical ventilator. I was totally paralyzed for 5 month and I had a lot of complication during this period being very close to die. However, after 9 months hospitalized, one surgery, cobalt-terapy, tracheotomy, 2 bronchoscopy and something like 900 hours of rehabilitation I came out this nigthmare with good expectation to return to normal life and ZERO CHANCE to return to race.
    Actually I’m racing in Italian GT and I won three races with Corvette this season…
    Race finish after chequered flag… your race is not finish yet. Fight! Every day.
    Be confident! Believe in yourself and FIGHT!
    Lastly I want to tell you that I dont know mr Lancillotti, It was very stupid what he did in that day but It’s horrible to read you never receive any message from him.
    I feel very ashamed to be an Italian driver like mr Lancillotti..
    I wish you all the best and I wait your total recover to race with you, we can make a ex-driver-still-driver team!! 😉
    Michele Merendino


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