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Mar.21, 2010

  • Sitting in the plane to Monaco. Leaving again Wednesday for 2 day testing and than the first VLN race. #
  • @jakeyorath Thank you…. in reply to jakeyorath #
  • At the end I had two laps under nearly dry conditions. Car feels ok for the first time out on the Nordschleife. Fast enough? Let's see.. 😉 #
  • Whole day raining. Will do some laps later to see how the car feels in wet conditions.. #
  • I could only do 2 laps today on the Nordschleife. The new GT3-R feels completely different then my GT3-RSR.
    Less downforce, more nervous…. #
  • Waiting to get in the car. It's time….
    Also because tomorrow it will rain the whole day. #
  • Back at the Malaga Airport. It was a fantastic event here. Now I am happy to go to Nürburgring and start officially my 2010 Season….. #
  • 2nd day at the Guadix Racetrack. Everybody made good progress.
    Volvo Sweden is driving with there touringcar as well.
    Just having lunch… #
  • Full day instructing.Started @700 with a Fitnesstrainer and whole day driving. The group made good progress and evbdy is looking fwd to tmrw #
  • 2h waiting at the zurich airport for my connection. #
  • Omw to Guadix Racetrack. Private instructing for 3 days. Have to go via Zurich. What an early flight! 😉 #
  • Tomorrow at 7.00 I am flying to Malaga. Private Instructing for Professional drivers. That includes Fitness, Data reading etc.
    Looking fwd.. #

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