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Mar.28, 2010

  • Just landed in Nice again. Farfus is with me in the plane as well. #
  • Here is the official report from the VLN in German: #
  • Sitting at Frankfurt airport. Just enjoying my starbucks caramel machiato #
  • @BennyBlack85 danke, schauen wir mal. Kann BMW nicht Einschätzen.. in reply to BennyBlack85 #
  • @Apple_Guru thanks, will do. 😉 in reply to Apple_Guru #
  • @MSchmitz danke, hat gepasst! ;-)) in reply to MSchmitz #
  • @20832com cooles Rennen…. in reply to 20832com #
    started 2nd finished 1st and it was the first Victory for the new GT3-R
    Great Start for this season
    What else?! 😉 #
  • I had a great stint. A lot of yellows and crashed cars everywhere. I gave the car to Marc on first position. We should be on the Podium 😉 #
  • In 3 laps I jump into the car. First time I will get some decend laps. Hope it stays dry for my stint #
  • 1h into the race: Audi is flying compare to us. We still in top 3 but loosing time every lap. BMW is gambling in my eyes. They follow quiet. #
  • Timo will start the race than me than Marc. Hope the conditions are consistant… Starting grid is getting full. #
  • Completed 2 laps. Was really difficult to drive in the rain. No grip at all. Hope tomorrow Its getting better.
    Drivers briefing 7.45. ;-( #
  • @WhatsAppInc Hey guys,
    How can I see my friend on whatsapp. He has a bb and I can't get him in my list on what's app I have an iPhone?
    Thx.. #
  • @AmigosRacing thanks good luck for you as well…..:-) in reply to AmigosRacing #
  • sitting at the Nice Airport flying to Frankfurt. The first VLN race this weekend. Timo and Marc will join me for the 4h race on saturday #
  • After a long run this morning I know see a friend for lunch. It's a nice place close to Monaco "Le Cabanon" #
  • @20832comHi, war zwar nur zweiter aber schliesse mich an…und ist es nicht eine Linkskurve bei der man einlenken sollte/muss?! ;-)) ciao #
  • I was supposed to test in Spa this week. But due to a collapsed tunnel underneath the track, the test was cancelled. Too bad… #

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