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May.02, 2010

  • First race P6 in class. Jim was starting and gained some positions. I continued and also drove the fastest lap in class. Still P6 was max. #
  • …Anyhow for me this is not possible or at least not with our car.
    Maybe if we get some weight out of the car, please…..;-)) #
  • anybody else from the Ferrari teams??!!! They are on P1-2. I guess they use an energy drink in the car… ;-))…. #
  • …car at the absolute limit, of course I know the track extremly well.. 😉 but again there us one Ferrari team that is quicker then …. #
  • ….starts the first 70min race in 40 min and I qualified on 3rd position starting the 50min race tomorrow at 13.10
    I was driving the…. #
  • … So we had not much driving time, just 50 min before quali. I did only 4 laps. Anyhow for the first race Jim qualified P9 and … #
  • GT-Open Nürburgring:
    We started with a lot problems. Car is one race old and the reliability is not the best> wheel bearing broke twice… #
  • On my way to the GT-Open race at the Nürburgring. Strange to go there and not driving on the Nordschleife. 😉 #
  • @schlichtegroll ;-)) in reply to schlichtegroll #
  • Hey guys,
    here is a link to the official 24h Nürburgring side:
    English: #

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