Lancelotti, …….you can be very proud of yourself!!! Thanks for finishing my career as a driver.

Dec.24, 2010

Thank you Angelo Lancelott for what you have done to me!

This year was definitely not my personal best one.

Now the only thing for me is to get better soon and make progress with myself.

Next to my memory- and orientation-problems, what should get better over the next years, I still have a handicap with my vision to the right side.

Its called Hemianopsie.

My first priority is now to get better and back to where I came from before the accident.

Getting back my vision on both eyes to the right, to be able to drive again, even for going only from A to B would be amazing.

The Neurologists say the chance is close to 0% !! But I try everything I can…

Than, if its going well, what I hope, I would like to see how I feel in the racecar again and if its possible for me.

But first, I have to get back my vision to the right and then I see….

…All this and much more problems I had, because of Angelo Lancelotti from Villois Racing  who caused the accident in Imola and drove into my car.

Until today I heard nothing from Lancelotti or the team Villois racing

I thinks that speak for itself what kind of character, or better NO CHARACTER the team and Lancelotti have!!!

I personally hope, that people who maybe (hopefully not) work with them together in the future, take this in mind how they both behaved and especially what Lancelotti was doing to me.

This behavior is unacceptable for a team to have a driver like him and for a driver its unacceptable to have a team like this.

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  1. TimR

    Marcel, this is absolutely heartbreaking to read. I hope with all my heart that you make a full recovery. Your driving is the stuff of legend, your speed and yet your care, always, always a raised hand from the steering wheel, in thanks, when you pass a co operative slower car ( and you’ve passed me many, many times ! ), you are a driver of the top class and a real gentleman.

    There is supposed to be an International Federation that police crimes on the racetrack, what the hell are they doing ???

    I wish you a continuous, and complete recovery for 2011.

    Best Wishes,


  2. Francis le Belge

    Bonjour Marcel,

    Je te souhaite le meilleur pour 2011.

    J’espère de tout coeur te revoir sur les circuits. Que ta rééducation se passe de la meilleure façon possible.

    De tout coeur avec toi.

    Francis le Belge

  3. slowstig

    Not even an apologize or a sorta of explanation after a year or so? I hope I’m totally wrong. BTW best wishes and keep getting better.


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